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Magic in the wild 1.


“Magic” in this case is being used in the original occult sense, not stage illusion, but also as a play on words from “Harry Potter”, mixing beliefs in the real and the unreal.

Ghosts in the the Medieval Machine

“Emperor Constantine VII received foreign guests while seated on a throne flanked by golden lions that ‘gave a dreadful roar with open mouth and quivering tongue’ and switched their tails back and forth. Next to the throne stood a life-sized golden tree, on whose branches perched dozens of gilt birds, each singing the song of its particular species. When Liudprand performed the customary prostration before the emperor, the throne rose up to the ceiling, potentate still perched on top. At length, the emperor returned to earth in a different robe, having effected a costume change during his journey into the rafters.”

Who’s building this?

Dark Rides: Magic for the Other Senses.

“The joy – and terror – of Alien Encounter is that the entire experience is in your head. You can’t escape it by shutting your eyes. In fact, shutting your eyes will do very little. Now that the alien was escaped, the rest of the attraction takes place in absolute pitch black darkness.”

Is a cocktail a multisensory magic trick?

Sleights of Mind: What the Neuroscience of Magic Reveals About our Everyday Deceptions speaks of mirroring functions in our brains that are important to anticipation. If we use one sense to anticipate another we may end up with convergence as we come to rely on the predictions.

Drastic illusions might happen when we consume highly abstracted foods. We seem to have 21 years of eating minimally abstracted foods until alcohol enters our lives. Things get wacky when you introduce fermentation, infusion, and distillation. 21 years of mostly correctly correlating olfaction and gustation becomes strange when the sweet aromas of a wine do not correlate to its gustatory structure because all its sugars were converted to alcohol. Our linguistic techniques for describing these experiences starts to break down.

So does a lot of the pleasure of drinking alcohol containing beverages rely on all this pent up convergence? is a cocktail a multisensory magic trick?”