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Final Project – Isa Sobrinho

Nanotech – Drones (?)

The idea was to create power balls that would follow your hand movements.

Initially we thought about using a kinect sensor and setting it up to track the hand and translate it to the drone using Kinect Core Vision.

Then we realized (Luke told us) about the built in camera in the drone and how to set it up to track your hand as if it was the ground, changing it’s position according to your movement.

Turns out, everything change, since the drone capacity carry weight was very restrict, and we used carbon rods + mylar to make the cover, but didn’t manage to stick with the LED’s.


Even though the drone did NOT obey me during the presentation, I did learn a lot from the class and am very grateful to have been part of it.

Power Balls / Magic Balls:

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.12.40 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.12.46 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.12.53 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.12.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.13.05 PM


Setting Up:

How to make it:

Rolling Spider Drone 

Luke’s exoskeleton

Milar laser cutter paper cover

Kinnect sensors

Trick ++ Documentation

Trick ++ Documentation:

My trick ++ was an attempt to recreate the ambient and the a dark magic presentation.

For that, I went through some dark ambient music and Black Ambient Metal and found this really cool website / facebook page called Cryo Chamber. Their stuff is mostly paid, but as a student work I think you can find some more free stuff if you dig deep into it.

For imaging, I searched for some woodcuts as there it was the main use for visual registration from the XIV, XV and XVI centuries by european civilization. There is also some old photographic registration of shamanic rituals over central-africa and southern-america that I believed would create a higher sense of empathy and reality to the presentation.

Main question:

How could I enhance the storytelling on a magic trick by placing the audience in another actual place. Considering the history of magic, I tried to pull the sort of ambient that instead of amusing people with fun and laughs like they do on circus, to actually create a bothering atmosphere, an uncomfortable space that would take people out of their edges.

For that, I used the “dark magic ”concept, mainly extracted from the movie sent as For Fun example Queen Elizabeth’s Magician” on youtube.

The video:


How it was made:

1) From the following link: I created this really simple glow in the dark ink and put it on an ink pen.

2) I searched on the web for both pagan symbols (vikins, celtics, wicca…) and demonic sages, painted them in a paper and put them on the wall before the other students entered the classroom.

3) I bought a blacklight lamp and put it on the center of the table, with a trigger that I gave to my colleague to hold and gave her that “combination” when she would pull it and the light at the center of the room would light up.

4) I played the video and started talking about the obscurities of dark magic, while the macabre music played in the back, creating the mood. Then I started questioning why should we turn away from the darkness within each one of us, instead of embracing it and if it was so bad, why would people search for it over and over through centuries.

5) When the video stop, I asked for everyone to focus deeply into an obscure memory that you secretly enjoyed and could not tell anyone, the dark little secret that made you less and more human.

6) At that time I look front and my friend releases the trigger, making the light in the center glow and revealing (or at least that’s what I intended to do) the paintings on my hands and walls.

7) I thank the presence and effort of the audience and finish my trick.

Why it didn’t work:

I had some success on creating the mood, but failed deeply in actually coming to a climax. The trick was made in a very short time, on my own fault because I did it in the last minute (wasn’t able to actually pick one idea and work with it).

So in that matter, I would strongly suggest to focus on the narrative and as part of it, how you’re gonna reach and present the climax. It can’t be predictable or just simple like I did, must be overwhelming somehow.

D&D Assignment – Dana Melianwë

*I used Carol’s structure to keep it organized somehow.

Character 1 – Arthur

16 constitution | 14 strength | 12 charisma | 11 intelligence | 9 dexterity | 6 wisdom

Artur is a Harvard undergrad student of Business Studies on Boston. He is 6ft tall and has a perfect body (or at least that’s what he thinks). He strikes the gym every single day, and he actually believes there is nothing more important than keeping your mind and body in sync. Well, but if you are looking for someone to go out with or something, I can introduce perhaps another friend? I mean, don’t get me wrong… Artur is great. Is just that well, he sometimes seems a bit full of himself you know? That “I’m a Harvard student” thing, he can be a real jerk with girls. And though he is kind of interesting, being all tall and strong, he sometimes fails to fall on common sense.

Character 2 – Dana

16 wisdom | 14 constitution | 12 dexterity | 11 intelligence | 9 charisma | 6 strength

Dana is finishing her biology graduation on Australia. She is really nice if you get to know her actually. She is one of these people that you feel like know something you don’t, you know? Like if she understood the meaning of life or something. She’s into botanics pretty much, but she also spends some time on an wild animal shelter there. It’s amazing how she’s got the handle of it, seems like she is talking to those creatures, it’s insane.

It’s curious how she is that kind of person that you would never notice walking on the street, with that old jeans and (always) brown or green shirt. She is vegetarian and sometimes people get away from her because she tries to pull up with that maybe a bit too much. But if you can get past that Dana is definitely a cool person to hang with.


Would these two characters get along?

Hm… Probably not. I mean I’m pretty sure that Artur would pull his charmer thing with Dana and she would just give him that “what are you doing?” look. That would be fun to watch though. I believe they could work on someway but they don’t strike me as good friends. Artur would be bothering dana with those vegetarian jokes and she would just pick up a book or something and stay in the corner until he was finished with it. But either way, in complicated situations they would both put their difference aside and work together, perhaps to solve that particular problem and then back to not being friends.


Chosen character – Dana Melianwë


That artwork is from Leanna Crossan, and I’ve modified her right eye only to look like Dana’s

Dana – Character Sheet (PDF)

Dana’s Background

Dana Melianwë, daughter of Quillathe Melianwë – the Hands of Light, descends from a long line of druids.They reside on a simple and small village, apart from Human Civilization, located in sacred soil, above the ruins of Eiellûr. The village remained isolated for thousands of years from the Common World, being visited occasionally by travelers from time to time. It is a very calm place, a temple of healing ruled by a small group of ancient priestesses that conserved the old costumes of the first wood elves.

It’s been said that during the years of the sun, when the days turned to weeks and nights turned to hours, Quillathe received a visit from a strange elf, whose skin and hair shined like the sun itself and eyes that sparkled like the stars on the sky. He was injured and the story’s been told as Quillathe was the only one that could help him in his pain. There’s nothing but rumors, which say she locked herself at home for what would feel like 28 nights and days and spoke to no one except on asking for more herbs or sheets. People from the village could hear screaming of agony and ask for help, but no one dared to try and interrupt, not even the elders.

That unusual noise attracted the attention of a group of orcs passing near the forest. For the first time, they were able to track that sound and find their way to the village, hidden deep in the woods. On the 28th night, there was an invasion. The orcs attacked the houses with their relentless rage, and raped women and children, murdered men and mercifulness destroyed everything at range of their arms and weapons.

Nobody knows exactly what happened then, but once again, stories tell that there was a great light, so strong that blinded the attackers, making their eyes bleed golden blood, as they screamed in agony. Out of Quillathe’s house, the stranger emerged, completely naked and twice the size of a regular elf, they say. He reached his hands to the skies and turned the moon into a sword, that he used to slay the orcs one by one with no mercy on his eyes.

Stories are tricky, for they are full of magic and unexplainable facts. But what is known, is that the morning after, there was no trace of the attack, but the pain and grief on the villagers hearts. The stranger disappeared leaving no trace of his presence. One more thing happened: after this day, Quillathe Melianwë never spoke again. She embraced silence and even the day Dana was born – 8 months after the event – nobody ever heard her voice.

Dana was born with a strange mark on her back, resembling a new moon, and a blind right eye, both silver, which increased the speculations of what was already a suspicion: that stranger was Corellon himself.

She was raised like the other kids, and learned the old ways just like any other young elf on the village, learning and understanding the nature in it’s beauty and wisdom. On a very dark night though, Dana looked at the reflection of the moon on a lake and felt like it talked to her, revealing her a path, blurred by the moving water. She understood she should leave the village and head to the unknown, to perceive her destiny that was already traced.


Exercise: Try to think of one or two examples of well-known historical, public, or fictional figures who match each category

I used characters from the series Game of Thrones 🙂

Lawful Good: Eddard Stark / Brienne of Tarth / Jon Snow / Samwell Tarly / Robb Stark / Missandei
Good Neutral: Davos Seaworthy / Daenerys Targaryen / Catelyn Stark
Chaotic Good: Arya Stark / Bran Stark / Tyrion Lannister / Robert Baratheon
Lawful Neutral: Sansa Stark / Jaime Lannister / Stannis Baratheon / Daario Naharis
True Neutral: Jorah Mormont / Ygritte / Asha Greyjoy
Chaotic Neutral: Theon Greyjoy / Varys / Bronn / Shae / Margaery Tyrell / Melisandre /Khal Drogo
Lawful Evil: Tywin Lannister
Neutral Evil: Cersei Lannister / Petyr Baelish / Viserys Targaryen
Chaotic Evil: Sandor Clegane / Joffrey Baratheon / Ramsay Bolton