Visual Effects

Video Recipe:


  • Camera
  • Tripod (very important!)
  • cutting board, knife, fruits/vegetables
  • Printed image of a strawberry
  • 2 helpful friends
  • Adobe Primier Pro

How it’s done:

  • Set the camera on the tripod and make sure it’s not moving.
  • One of the helpful friends is responsible for clicking the record/pause button on the camera.
  • Start recording, when a magic need to happen, tell the friend to pause the camera, while the other helpful friend is responsible for replacing the objects in the frame.
  • It is very important that someone else will swap the changing objects, so you move your hands as little as possible between each shot.
  • After all the recordings are done, choose you favourite editing software to cut, connect and insert audio.
  • I used Adobe Premier, and there are many tutorials for that online.
  • I also speeded most video parts to play at X2 speed, and added music I found on the free music archive.
  • To hide the video cuts, which were very noticeable, I added the “ding” sound on each switch.
  • I changed the strawberries color using the “paint bucket” effect in Premiere, described here

Bon appetit!