Rope Through Hand: Magic for the Blind

Since we were focusing on magic tricks for senses other than sight, I decided to perform one that would work for the blind.

Effect: This trick makes it appear as if two ropes are traveling through a hand both through touch and sight.

Method: You need two ropes or longer pieces of string. Originally this trick is meant to be done “through the neck” but since I used shoelaces, through a hand was more appropriate. First have the user examine the strings, noting that they are in fact normal strings. Then subtly fold each of the strings in half and tell the user to place their wrist on top of the end loops of each shoelace. It will feel like they are just placing their wrist over two ropes laid out. Then take an end of each shoelace from either side of the wrist, and tie one loose knot (as demonstrated in the video). Use patter to ask questions about what the user is feeling and to ensure that there is indeed a loose knot on one end. Then very quickly pull both ends of the shoelace. The loops underneath the hand will give and feel like the shoelaces are slipping through the hand. In the end the user can feel the rope on top of their hand.

Below is a picture of what it looks like. and below that are some links to a video of the trick being done on a blind participant 😀 enjoy!