Final Prez & The Start of Class – Robyn

Concept: A professor/lecturer/teacher who’s presentation is messing with them/is being werid behind their back.

Method: learn a lot about color, make a really interesting presentation and then mess with it.

First: Research, figure out what I was going to say about color!

I started with a substantial stack of books on color. History of color, theory of color, atlas of color, design of color. Even a book called All About Color. Overall I acquired about half of MIT’s section on the topic of color.

2015-05-02 15.58.23

I learned that my favorite color is cerulean blue, is made from cobalt stannate and was invented in 1805 by Andreas Hopfner. I learned that cats and dogs are not actually color blind, they just see a less vibrant form of colors. I learned how much the development of aluminum paint tubes in 1841 enabled the explosion of color in art in recent art history.

I dug through books of color and websites of color, compiling interesting snippets and stories that began to take shape in an interesting cohesiveness. My ideas evolved on a whiteboard, flowing and connecting together,


Unfortunately I promptly realized that I had a ton of info on color but that doesn’t make a trick. At this point I switched to working on mechanics. (As a result, many interesting mechanics (++), far too large a scope (–).)

The concepts I wanted to play with were,

  • Extra space on screen, that is assumed to not exist because the presentations don’t usually use it
  • A connection between how you interact with the screen and what it shows (smudging, moving, ect.)

Final presentation gag components:

  • Spazzy color/projector trouble start
  • Face recognition, spazzy or normal.
  • Presentation picture tilt with computer tilt
  • Presentation drifting around on screen, drifts off, ½ slide on the top ½ on the bottom, starts scrolling the slide top to bottom while talking about slide.
  • Smudging of presentation picture like water
  • Presentation starts drifting again and drifts all the way off the screen.

Video walk-through of technical components performance,

Spazzy start, Spazy Start

Face responding spazzyness, Face Flicker

First slide fade, Slide Fade

Presentation, Prez Slides Start

Tilt (synced with laptop screen tilt), Tilt Slide

(futuristic) Slides sliding around

Presentation, Prez Slides MIddle

Ophelia Muddle, Ophelia

End of presentation & thank you, Prez Slides End

(futuristic) slide before thank you slides off screen, end.


Video of all components,

GitHub of code components, (coming soon)


Challenges I faced and retrospective solutions:

  1. Getting started without a concrete idea of what I was trying to do
    a. Just start doing things (EARLY) and see what happens.
    b. Start with a one-day concept proving sketch of idea & iterate!
  2. Wanting to do too much with too many different sorts of mechanics
    a. REALLY be aware of where the achievable/not plausible line is and stay on the possible side of it. (also see 1.b. )

Lessons learned:

1) Split up projects, draft/mock-up super simple proof of concept ideas. (Do drafts, lots of early drafts, iterate and develop your idea)
2) Don’t be intimidated by things I’m not sure I can do, (ex, how to be funny??) just try and see what happens!
3) Technically excellence is worth 0 if it doesn’t work. (Keep it simple stupid) Ie, ACTUALLY be realistic with what you can accomplish.
4) Before starting the meat of a programming project plan what you’re going to do/the best way to set the program. (ex, if/else vs. switch statements.
5) I can code anything I want, it will just take a looong time.
6) Don’t be intimidated by the actually really fun part! Performing for people!