Midterm Documentation (Robyn Lesh)

Presentation Concept

Marco Tempest-esk presentation combining humor and effects to point out the beauty color gives to this world.

{Presentation Video}   The Magic of Color Presentation

Project Mission

A presentation that points out that color is more than simply a science of numbers and convoluted terms but rather the existence of color makes our world the wonderfulness that we perceive.

Dull & dreary to gorgeously beautiful.


RedMountainB&W to RedMountain


YellowFlowerB&W to YellowFlower

Project Description 

Two guest lecturers, Professor Winberg and Professor Landers (tribute to the horrible & excellent Introduction to Biology professor pair, Wineberg & Lander) give a presentation on “Color as We See It”. Winberg befuddles the audience with a decisively unnecessary use of excessively long words and other absurdities of speech including details on what will not be covered and the importance of understanding minuscule details rather than the idea as a whole. Landers then takes the scene and shows why color is an amazing thing in our world, that provides life and vitality in its simple existence.

With color, the dull becomes interesting, the usual becomes beautiful and our world, magical.

{Powerpoint Video}   The Magic of Color Midterm Slides


Preliminary Idea and Evolution

The initial idea with my Midterm presentation was to expand on my Trick++ which was based on the idea of an abrasive professor character with a finicky presentation that acts up against my will. I was very excited the response to my Trick++ character and excited for the directions I could take the personality I had invented.

However when I tried to write actual content for the extension of the character in my Midterm presentation I ran into a wall in that I couldn’t think of any explanation for WHY my powerpoint would be acting up behind me. This lack of a practical explanation drove me away from the crazy professor persona and left me in need of a presentation topic.

Idea Potentials

TED talk-like
colors (history of?)
my life
crazy/weird teaching/guest lecturer

Possible Technological Components

Face recognition component
(Color changing?)
Reveal in pre-sent email
Reveal on website
Class color know-er

Unused Coding Sketches (can include code on request?)

Play Video
Input GUI

Current Plan for Final

Return to the abrasive hard-nosed professor character persona and absurdly changing slides. =) The cheeky, misbehaving slides will be the fault of a TA who is finally getting back at the mean unfriendly and unpopular prof. Initial idea-generating phrase, the professor’s area of expertise will be her downfall? Or just absurdity.