D&D Character Creations – Robyn

Attribute Distribution – Character 1 (Aira)

16 – Wisdom
6 – Strength
11 – Intelligence
9 – Constitution
14 – Dexterity
12 – Charisma

This character reflects a surprising number of the things I value and is reasonably similar to me. (Though comparatively very low in strength and constitution) I’ll try a more foreign combination of attributes for my second set. This first character would be light, nimble and the ability to read people. My guess from the attributes is that the character would be a girl and potentially stuck being comparatively physically weak due to difficult circumstances earlier in her life.

Aira is a small girl, dark in coloring with unusually light hair. Some might see her as weak and vulnerable but that is what Aira wants you to believe. In reality she has an incredible ability to dodge, sneak and hide her way out of almost any difficult situation. Aira somehow can get along with almost anyone, learn from them and use what she learns to benefit not only herself but whatever she is trying to achieve. Probably due to her natural people skills and wisdom, Aira can portray herself as any of a handful of personas. Meshing each to benefit herself most in any given situation.

Attribute Distribution – Character 2 (Aveta)

16 – Constitution
6 – Charisma
11 – Strength
9 – Dexterity
14 – Intelligence
12 – Wisdom

Aveta is Aira’s pair. Aveta is either quiet and aloof or crass & jarring depending on the day. Many people don’t get along with Aveta but Aveta and Aira are an excellent match and Aveta knows it. Aveta is medium sized. Not as small as Aira but certainly not a towering giant. Despite her medium build Aveta is quite strong and in any comfortable environment will tell you so with little reserve. Though strong and clever Aveta severely lacks the people skills to get along with almost anyone without Aira’s guidance.

Aira’s background

Aira grew up a monk but that doesn’t mean her life was easy in the slightest. Eleven Monks in Aira’s region were on the very edge of society (figuratively and functionally). While almost all the other Elves moved away to easier surroundings when Aira was very young or before she was born, Aira’s family stayed. Aira and her parents lived on the very edge of the woods and struggled to have enough food (usually unsuccessfully) as well as train and practice as monks. Her parents were as kind as they could be but their lives were very hard. Her parents taught her the importance of learning exactly what it is that you most need and striving your upmost to get exactly that. Probably because of this Aira gained an amazing drive and desire to succeed. She learned that her mind and skills with people where more than just niceties, she learned that she could use her ability to read people to learn from them and her wits to use this knowledge to gain her ends.

Aira was never strong, probably partly due to lack of nutrition in her upbringing, but instead of letting her relative weakness impede her she uses it to her advantage by using it to leverage the power of her various guises.

Class Distribution – Character 1 (Aira)  [oops, and Character 2 (Aveta)]

Aira is a Ranger. Or that’s what she is now anyways. Aira grew up a Monk and she learned many valuable lessons about grace, perfection and the power of the mind and body however despite Aira’s small size and amenable attitude Aira wants to DO things with her life. When Aira was young she began exploring and before long met the right people and finagled her way onto a Ranger expedition. Surprisingly to the doubtful mission leads Aira saved the expedition in two near crisis moments and since then Rangering has seemed to fulfill exactly what Aira wants. She can use her abilities and have adventures while doing good.
Aira was happy being a ranger and very good at it (utilizing her unusual people skills in unique situations) but she always felt limited by the possibility that her mission-mates might not believe her and she potentially wouldn’t have the ability to succeed if she was unable to solicit their support.

A few years ago, Aira found a perfect solution. Aira and her band at the time ran into a group of Rogues including a half-ling called Aveta. Aveta and her band were the enemy, a Rogue band stealing from an innocent group of oafs. However Aira and Aveta were thrown together as general unwilling comrades when it turned out that the oafs were not innocent, at all.

After initial tense feelings between Aira and Aveta, Aira realized that she like most other people around Aveta had initially reacted to Aveta’s tense, terse exterior. To cut a long story short Aira & Aveta warmed up to each other and Aira convinced Aveta to join her in being a Ranger. To give up the darkness of Rouge-hood and strive for good causes, while not needing to surrender any of the excitement and intrigue of exploration.

Aira’s Ethical Alignment

Aira is certainly Neutral-Lawful/Good. She was brought up to do the right thing and wants adventure but also wants to do good.

Aveta is rather less rigorous by nature and tends more towards Neutral/Neutral-Chaotic. She is however is not evil in the slightest but rather more of a mischief maker/rouge mentality by default.

Ethical Alignment examples

Ethical\Moral Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Gandhi Robin Hood
Neutral Hypothetically Congress Taylor Swift
Evil Witch in Snow White Cinderella Step Mother Richard Nixon

More Characters

Random Character #1

Strength – 12
Dexterity – 11
Constitution – 8
Intelligence – 11 (+ 2 from Gnome)
Wisdom – 13
Charisma – 10

Candidate Names: Ellywick Daergel or Roywin Turen
Class: Wizard or Druid (Going with Druid)

Roywin grew up living in the carved out base of a tree (not sure if this is normal for Gnomes but this is where Roywin grew up) He loved running around bouncing off trees. Like most gnomes Roywin has lots of energy but he is also curious. He saw solemn Druids and decided that he wanted to change that. Not change all Druids of course but he wanted to be a different Druid. So he jumped at the task. Consequently, Roywin is one of the bounciest most energetic Druids you will ever meet. Don’t let that fool you though, he’s a fabulous Druid!

Instead of the character seeming to form from its self, the book method had me choose my character’s race then was given the characteristics of a good gnome. Now its my job to come up with a character that fits into the Gnome, Druid box with the right characteristics. (If I knew more about the common stereotypes of D&D characters this character would likely have turned out quite normal) It is possibly easier to play with a more formulaic character but I feel like my character has been formed around what it does but it seems less creative and I am far less attached to him at the moment.

Famous Character Attributes

Genghis Khan
Strength – 10
Dexterity – 7
Constitution – 6
Intelligence – 12
Wisdom – 14
Charisma – 16

Genghis would likely be a Barbarian. And racially (in terms of his type of world domination and tyrannical ruling) Genghis approaches a half-ork. Stereotypically his alignment would be Chaotic/Evil.

Lady Gaga

Strength – 8
Dexterity – 13
Constitution – 10
Intelligence – 8
Wisdom – 6
Charisma – 16

Gaga would be some sort of Rogue-Bard and a flamboyant Dragonborn. Her alignment would be somewhere around Chaotic/Neutral.