D&D Assignment [Joel Gustafson]

If a good format isn’t broke, I won’t fix it. Pardon my blatant copy of Carol’s layout.

Exercise: Create 2 characters from different ability values

Character 1 – Anna

14 con | 12 str | 6 cha | 16 int | 11 dex | 9 wis

Anna is a brilliant mechanical engineer, but her curt, snappy exterior makes people think she’s mean and insensitive, rather than just busy or impatient. She was at the top of her class in college, although many resented her for it. Her few close friends would say that she’s actually a wonderful person, but she thinks her life is too busy to develop too many “unnecessary” relationships with others. She is very dedicated and focused on her job, and although she occasionally has existential crises about the impact and value of her work, they always pass. She drinks a lot of coffee, and was an avid fan of the BlackBerry.

Character 2 – Charles

16 con | 11 str | 14 cha | 9 int | 6 dex | 12 wis

Charles is an easygoing, amiable high school senior who never quite recovered from puberty. He’s clumsy and awkward, but is talkative and self-deprecating enough to make light of it with anyone. He’s a great public speaker and is an ametuer stand-up comedian. He’s an insightful, dependable friend, even though he struggles to apply himself in the real world or in situations where he has to focus and be productive. He strongly believes in family values and patriotism, and he often volunteers in the community. He’s still not sure what he’s going to do for college or a career, but he doesn’t want to be bored by a lot of academics.

Anna and Charles wouldn’t be friends, but they would clash either. Anna simply isn’t invested in developing friendships, but isn’t overtly mean, so their interaction would depend on the circumstance. They’d never sit down for lunch together, but they’d work together if necessary. Anna might get frustrated with Charles’ lack of drive but she’d pick up the slack like she’s used to doing. After meeting, Charles would walk away thinking Anna is a strong, independent woman, and Anna would walk away thinking Charles is an idiot.

Chosen character – Charles Dorn (Character Sheet)

Class – Bard

Charles is a Bard. He was the youngest of all his siblings and it was clear from an early age that he wasn’t as analytical or ambitious. He realized in adolescence that he wanted to be a Bard, but his parents insisted that he try to “apply himself” in something “useful”. He respected his parents and gave it his best shot in school, but he never understood the lofty ideals that they wanted him to pursue. After convincing his parents that he would be a total failure, Charles left home to adopt a simple, straightforward, happy life of a Bard specializing in comedic entertainment. Making people happy makes Charles happy.

Race – Human

The human race is diverse, but it is fraught with ambition, politics, and serious talking. Charles doesn’t like any of it. He prefers not to trouble himself with drama, which isolated him as a child. His family was very aggressive, always trying to squeeze value and capital out everything they could, and always reaching for the next rung of the social ladder. So when Charles expressed to desire to follow that trend, he was mocked by his community as a drifter, a loner, and a dimwit. In reality, he just wanted to be content. He knew how to read people and make them laugh, and that’s all he thought he needed.

Alignment – Neutral Good

Charles is kindhearted, genuine individual, but he has no qualms about deviating from authority or disregarding standards. He didn’t fit in with the society he grew up in, so he abandoned it without regrets. He tries to do the right thing, but sees no reason to go out of his way to do the legal thing.

Alignment Characters 

  • Lawful Good – The Lone Ranger, Superman, most childhood heroes
  • Neutral Good – Forrest Gump
  • Chaotic Good – Robin Hood
  • Lawful Neutral – Claire Underwood
  • True Neutral – Beorn
  • Chaotic Neutral – Sherlock Holmes, Ferris Bueller
  • Lawful Evil – Darth Vader, most organized leader villains
  • Neutral Evil – Frank Underwood
  • Chaotic Evil – Moriarty, The Joker, most psychopaths

Pick two people from the given list. For each one that you pick, write down what you think their strength, charisma, wisdom, intelligence, dexterity, and constitutions scores are.


11 con | 12 str | 13 cha | 10 int | 9 dex | 9 wis

Serena Williams:

15 con | 14 str | 10 cha | 8 int | 16 dex | 9 wis