Monthly Archives: February 2015

Math & Magic: Week 1 Trick

Here’s my magic trick in progress. In true week-one fashion, I made a couple mistakes in the performance.

My entire idea is not completely fleshed out yet, but the gist of it is that I am trying to tell a story of the intersection of math and magic. How people who are bad at math think it’s all magic, and how magicians use math to deceive┬átheir audience. In it, I want to have cards do some math for us. So far, I have the numbers 26 appear, the age Newton was when he invented calculus… as well as the Fibonacci sequence appear.

The current way I’m revealing the fibonacci sequence takes a ridiculous amount of cards… which leaves very little room for fake-shuffling, so I’ll probably have to figure out a better way to reveal them.


Kenny Friedman