An Evolutionary Tale

I recently became quite interested in how evolution and evolutionary values can be applied to different areas of design, art, and culture. One aspect that specifically interests me is the value of variation and how evolving systems benefit from a certain amount of entropy. They benefit so much, that things such as mutations or sexual reproduction, which introduces chance are part of much of the animal kingdom.

In this card trick, I try to introduce the possibility of variation or surviving recessive traits through a story of the 52 card deck, a 4 family population 🙂

I could really use some more rehearsing, and my deck got a bit water logged (bad idea to practice by the sink), but I am excited to tell a story about an area I am passionate through a medium that I would otherwise turn away from. Although perhaps common tools of deception are not the best way to warm a crowd to controversial scientific topics… More to come 🙂